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Scribe 9602 PS
Automated CD DVD BD Print Stations


MF Digital's Scribe Print Station, with "KVM" PC Built in, comes ready to run. Just add the Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse. Snap on the modular printer of your choice and you go to work. Choose InkJet or Thermal Print Solutions.

Get rid of those labels or low end failure prone ink guzzling consumer grade printers and bring your production to a professional level. Use our DriGloss media for quality, instant dry, durable prints.

Equip your fully automated Scribe Print Station with your choice of modular printer including inkjet, thermal, or thermal dye sub re-transfer ensures the best solution for your needs.

For best all around printing choose the PicoJet. Based on HP's award winning Inkjet platform, these units produce high quality color prints at an affordable price for both equipment and consumable cost.For high archival quality full color choose our thermal or dye-sub thermal re-transfer printing options. For the lowest print cost choose our monochrome thermal printer. If your requirements ever change, just swap out the modular printer.

Enjoy the full power of a Windows Pro based Disc Print Station. Access your print station from any PC with our optional free Scribe 9000 XP Pro, Windows 7 network client.

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 Automated Inkjet Print Station PicoJet Inkjet Print Stations & Powerful Label Software, Network Ready w/ PC Built In.
CD DVD Printer Inkjet

Model: Scribe 9602 PSJ Inkjet Print Station

Automatically label 100's of CDs or DVDs in full 4800 dpi color. This Disc Print Station provides great tools. Create serialized labels or mail merge for unique disc image labels. Support of Business Card CDR, mini round 80 mm media. No limit job queue across network. 200+ disc input.

Scribe 9000 Print Station is upgradeable to CD/DVD drives for turn-key DVD CD Duplicator.


 Automated Thermal Print Station Prism Plus Thermal Print Stations& Advanced Label Software, Network Ready w/ PC Built In
CD DVD Printer Thermal

Model: Scribe 9602 PSTR Thermal Print Station (printer refurbished)

The Prism Plus is a professional quality text BD, CD DVD printer. Unmatched speed and low print cost is yours with our PST print station. Prism is engineered for rugged 24/7 operation. Support for business card CD and 80mm discs makes this the printer of choice for your text print needs.

Scribe 9000 Print Station is upgradeable to CD/DVD or CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives for turn-key disc publishing, both duplicating and printing discs in one process.



 Automated Dye-Sublimation
 Re-Transfer Print Station
Re-Transfer Print Stations & Advanced Label Software, Network Ready w/ PC Built In
Printers Teac P55

Model: Scribe 9602 PSD Dye-Sub Print Station

Label 100's of BDs, CDs or DVDs using the most advanced DVD CD Dye Sub Re Transfer Print Station money can buy. Our 9000 PSD print station provides permanent high quality graphic prints. With resolution of up to 400 dpi create photo realistic labels. Permanent labels that are are water proof and scratch proof. Queue as many jobs as you need and launch over your LAN. 300 disc capacity.

Scribe 9000 Print Station is upgradeable to CD/DVD drives for turn-key DVD CD Duplicator.



 PicoJet Desktop Inkjet Printer
 HP Technology
Based On HP Award Winning HP Inkjet Technology The PicoJet Offers Unsurpassed Performance
PicoJet Inkjet Printer

Model: PicoJet Desktop Printer

The PicoJet Ink Jet DVD CD Blu-ray Printer is a photo quality disc printer. Get edge to edge print in full color. With 4800 dpi, 16.7 million colors and smallest (4.5 pl) ink drop the PicoJet direct to disc print will produce vibrant labels every time. Supports CD business card and DVD 80 mm discs.

The PicoJet Inkjet Printer is available in a desktop manual model or automation model.


Thermal Desktop Disc Printer
Prism Plus Technology
Industry Standard For Thermal Print Technology Lowest Cost-Per-Print Solution.
Prism Plus Thermal DVD Printer

Model: Thermal Desktop Printer

The Prism Plus is a professional quality text CD DVD printer. Made for on demand printing at unprecedented speeds. The prism is economical with the lowest cost per print ratio. Engineered for high-speed, it is durable and made to run in a 24/7 lights out operation. The prism will work with biz card CD and mini-round 80mm discs.

Prism Thermal DVD CD Printers may be configured with any MF Digital autoloader solutions.



P55 Desktop Dye Sublimation CMYK Re-Transfer CD DVD Printer The P55 Provides Unmatched Photo Realistic Indelible CD DVD Prints
P55 Dye Sublimation Re-Transfer Thermal Printer

Model: P55 Re-Transfer Printer

The P55 Dye Sub Printer yields world class professional quality. It produces photo like prints for CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Using CMYK re transfer technology, the P55 does not bleed between colors. This results in an indelible scratch proof, smudge proof and water proof label, with highly stable UV protection. This 400dpi printer produces the equivalent of 290lpi; the highest in the CD DVD print industry.

The P55 Re-Transfer Printer is available in a desktop manual model or automation model.



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