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Ripstation 7000 Series
Medical DataMigrator

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Ripstation 7000 series

Medical DataMigrator:

Ripstation 7000 is a Fully Automated System Designed to Move Physical CD DVD Based PACS or CIVS Medical Records onto On-Line Disc Based Storage, Fast and with Minimal Operator Input.

MF Digital's Medical Data Migrator series provides a full automation medical solution to process the transferring of stored Optical Disc (CD / DVD) image and data records to on line storage. Physical RIS, PACS, CIVS or DICOM records? DataMigrator is your import solution - automically importing all of your physical disc content and allowing it to be indexed via any client/server or web based PACS / RIS solution.

Make legacy media stored Cardiology, Radiology or general medical records and patient data accessible, indexable and available on demand - our automated system will make all data available to tie in to any existing or future data retrieval system.

DataMigrator will take any data DVD or data CD and create a bit for bit copy of the discs file structure from the source disc itself, creating a local or even network copy for use in archive or backup applications.Your integrator has full granular control of what and how each data set is imported. We check it for integrity, provide detailed reporting and have an open, flexible third party interface so you can tie the entire process into your records access system.

From there, all of your legacy CIVS and RIS / PACS patient data can be accessed via any web based PACS solution.

The Ripstation 7000 Medical DataMigrator is fully automated - load 400 discs and go - save time, money and operator costs by deploying the worlds leading physical optical disc migration solution.

A simple workflow moves your physical media to any form of on line storage system or index - your organisation benefits from instant access to records and files:


Ripstation is in wide spread use throughout the world with medical institutions, national archives, government organizations, media companies, Military and Fortune 500 companies. Ripstation DataMigrator provides unsurpassed performance and reliability;

Medical Solutions Provider? Contact us and we will show you how this fits in your workflow for your target storage, indexing and web control panel system, and help maximise your project gains.

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